Some recent work and an example of ‘what I do’.

20131022-012825 pm.jpg20131022-012833 pm.jpg20131022-012840 pm.jpg20131022-012852 pm.jpg20131022-012956 pm.jpg20131022-013003 pm.jpg20131022-013024 pm.jpg20131022-013032 pm.jpg20131022-013039 pm.jpg20131022-013047 pm.jpg20131022-013056 pm.jpg20131022-013103 pm.jpg20131022-013145 pm.jpg20131022-013205 pm.jpg20131022-013213 pm.jpg20131022-013219 pm.jpg20131022-013229 pm.jpg20131022-013238 pm.jpg20131022-013246 pm.jpg20131022-013254 pm.jpg20131022-013302 pm.jpg20131022-013329 pm.jpg20131022-013336 pm.jpg20131022-013343 pm.jpg20131022-013401 pm.jpg20131022-013414 pm.jpg20131022-013423 pm.jpg20131022-013435 pm.jpg20131022-013448 pm.jpg

20131022-013520 pm.jpg

20131022-013528 pm.jpg

20131022-013536 pm.jpg

20131022-013543 pm.jpg

20131022-013552 pm.jpg

20131022-013601 pm.jpg

20131022-013609 pm.jpg

20131022-013617 pm.jpg

20131022-013626 pm.jpg

20131022-013635 pm.jpg

20131022-013647 pm.jpg

20131022-013721 pm.jpg

20131022-013731 pm.jpg

20131022-013743 pm.jpg

20131022-013753 pm.jpg

20131022-013801 pm.jpg

20131022-013853 pm.jpg

20131022-013902 pm.jpg

20131022-013909 pm.jpg

20131022-013917 pm.jpg

20131022-013926 pm.jpg

20131022-013936 pm.jpg

20131022-013948 pm.jpg

20131022-014000 pm.jpg

20131022-014008 pm.jpg

20131022-014016 pm.jpg

20131022-014023 pm.jpg

20131022-014035 pm.jpg

20131022-014045 pm.jpg

20131022-014054 pm.jpg

20131022-014102 pm.jpg

20131022-014108 pm.jpg

20131022-014117 pm.jpg20131105-011945 pm.jpg20131105-011952 pm.jpg20131105-011959 pm.jpg20131105-012010 pm.jpg20131105-012021 pm.jpg20131105-012038 pm.jpg20131105-012046 pm.jpg20131105-012057 pm.jpg20131105-012106 pm.jpg20131105-012128 pm.jpg20140114-083603 pm.jpg20140114-083609 pm.jpg20140114-083618 pm.jpg

20140114-083636 pm.jpg

20140114-083651 pm.jpg

20140114-083701 pm.jpg

20140114-083716 pm.jpg

20140114-083732 pm.jpg

20140114-083742 pm.jpg


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3 responses to “Some recent work and an example of ‘what I do’.

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    Some recent work and an example of ‘what I do’ – Ben Cameron

  2. Esther

    Hi Ben (strange,

    Please could you tell me a price for one of your drawings framed with postage. I like the one of the man holding the heart with the lady and three children holding peices of it, in black and white with the heart in red. Could you also advise as to weather it would be original or a print.
    Nina tame introduced me to your work.

    Many thanks and kind regards,


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