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20121102-041957 PM.jpg

20121102-042003 PM.jpg

20121102-042009 PM.jpg

5 responses to “Benbears

  1. Jamie S

    Hi Ben, I’d like to make an order. How do I do it?

  2. Elaine

    Is it possible to get the ‘are you awake..’ Doodle as a card?

  3. Marie

    Wow – just stunning, heartbreaking and truely amazing! Thank you for making these

  4. Mo Ormonde

    People – if you’re a bit unsure, just do it. I ordered a brilliant benbear for my boyfriend for Christmas and Ben even put my ginger cat in as well with the female bear holding the heart and the male and the cat had a piece each. Was wonderful and is now proudly hung on our living room wall. I posted a pic of it on my Twitter timeline a week or so ago ( look at @mojorainbw to see the pic if still undecided).

    Thanks, Mo

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