Direct Etsy link here , where you can purchase cards, Doodles to Go, Zoonsies and unique illustrations.



I love you so much card

Super Zoonsies 3



If you would like a bespoke illustration, please email with your request. Ben can redraw any of his doodles or illustrations and add a personal message or make any changes at no extra cost.

The following are guide prices only. Please email Ben for an exact cost.

A5 size picture: £35

A4: £55

A3: £85

Framed: an additional £25, this includes postage and packaging.

Jigsaw family

27 thoughts on “Shop

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  3. Ben is a fantastic artist – plus ultra-quick and extremely good value. Both my baby nephews now have Ben Cameron originals on their walls, and I honestly can’t recommend him enough.

  4. Hi loving your stuff, shame about the bad language tho, spoils the effect a bit, would’ve recommended you to several people but for that. You’re obviously very talented, don’t need that kind of words to make your point, maybe?

    • I’m sorry that you wasn’t keen on some of the language i use in my work.

      I’m fascinated by reaction and shock. Some of my doodles are shocking through sadness and no words. And i believe that the doodles that DO use the bad words are better because it’s the ;last thing you’d expect from cute birds etc

      I do offer customers the chance to have certain doodles with a wee bit of censorship (s**t, c**t etc)

      anyway, thank you for sharing your opinion

  5. Hello,

    Would you be able to do me a spud on snails and a spud on a pug combo on A4?

    If possible could you let me know how much that would cost too please?

    Thanks. Vikki

  6. Hi Ben,

    I love your work. Looking at some of your prints has actually made me cry! Do you ship to Australia? If so, do you know the postage/handling cost?

    Many thanks,

  7. Bought a picture and 3 cards, all of them top quality and delivered safely and quickly. Couldn’t be happier. He’s a talented man who answered all my questions too. What more can you ask for. Thanks once again Ben

  8. Hi, I’m looking to buy four illustrations as gifts for my bridesmaids.

    I’m not sure which of your current illustrations seem the most suitable (they’re all great!) are there any that you would personally recommend from your collection? And with something funny/witty/cute written on.

    I’ll be wanting 4 in total A4 size, and I’d like them all to be different to each other. If it helps two of the bridesmaids are my sisters and the other two are my best friends!

    Many thanks for any advice you can offer!


  9. Hi

    I have seen one of your drawings a mum dad holding a heart with 3 jigsaw peices and 2 smaller children holding peices and then angel wings with the other peice. Do you still do this kind of picture as I would love one as it represents my family

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