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Zoonsie’s and new merch


right… lots of new things to tell you about.

First up, phone, tablet and pencil cases!

I’ve teamed up with Duke Gifts to offer a variety of my designs and doodles on some lovely bits, like phone cases, iPad covers and little bags.

We’ve started things off with the Lonely Hearts design and it can be purchased on a range of phone covers and a pencil case (or cosmetic bag) which I absolutely adore. My own personal stock arrived today and they really are great.


you broke my thing mug




My official Strange Paul section on Duke Gifts can be found here.



My little bespoke onesie characters can now be created and ordered through my easy page HERE

Fully bespoke illustrations. You chose the costume (seriously, anything you want) along with eye/skin/hair colour and styles. It’s easy peasy and drawn especially for you.






Any questions please ask and yes, happy to take orders directly. Please email

Cool, keep it real.


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A bit about what I offer

I offer a wide range of illustrations and doodles. Below is a clear (I hope) look…

As always, please send me an email to discuss and purchase. Happy to do any draft for free.



Doodles to Go
I can include pretty much any of my drawings. I can also add bespoke details or do something completely new.

Simple drawings in simple frames. Cost includes postage within UK.

A6 £12
A5 £22

Or you could have them in watercolour

A6 £24
A5 £44




Or you could have them in watercolour

A6 £24
A5 £44

20140513-071131-pm.jpgScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.46.37



More detail, colour/shading and option for a repeating pattern background (hearts, diamonds, clouds).
Also available in mounted frames.

Costs vary between £25 for an unframed A5 to maybe £100 for a framed A3.






Lonely Hearts

My big crowd scenes. I’ve previously drawn bears, penguins, moles and even lobsters.
Happy to give anything a go really.


Prices start at £30 for an unframed A5






Mini prints, cards and badges


I also offer small Lonely Hearts mini prints (with free card) for £12 inc postage



..a selection of printed cards (£2.60 each , 3 for £5 or  6 for £10 inc postage) or £1.50 each with any other purchase.


and badges. £2.60 each or 5 for £5 inc postage. £1 each extra with any other purchase. (colour and design will be random unless specified)

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.42.27


This is just a small example of the drawings and illustrations I do. Please look around my site and email me with any questions.


Thank you




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Made fir each other

Made fir each other

20140502-040925 pm.jpg

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May 1, 2014 · 5:18 pm

Doodle to Go watercolour


I’m pleased to announce a new option for my ‘Doodle to Go’ range.

For £24 you get a hand painted version of any of my doodles in a frame.

Below is a comparison photo of the standard A6 £12 doodle and the new painted one.

Not all, but most suit a coloured background like the one pictured. That colour can be of your choosing if you wish.
I believe that the new frame range that I have chosen is pretty neutral to make that option viable.

Email me to place an order or enquire for more details.

I accept PayPal or bank transfer.

Thank you


(Price includes postage to UK address. Please enquire for worldwide costs)

20140501-012530 pm.jpg

20140513-071131 pm.jpg

20140513-071138 pm.jpg

20140513-071143 pm.jpg

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Some of my favourite doodles

20140501-084116 am.jpg

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