Unbound giveaway


So, right, yes…

I am giving away a (pictures attached below) large hand drawn Tragidoodle to a random pledger when we hit 150% funded.

What does all this mean I hear you ask? Well it might be easier for you to go and look yourself, so here is the link: Tragidoodles

Ok, so now we’re all up to speed? Lovely. So thats it, pledge at any level and you’ll be automatically entered when we hit target and to hit target I need more people to pledge or you can pledge higher OR if you’ve already pledged you can pledger more by emailing support@unbound.co.uk.

ALSO, as well as one person winning the large Tragidoodle EVERYONE will get an email containing some lovely digital goodness included a bumble bee phone background, a bumble bee avatar and also a print out sheet with some fun doodle prompts.

So yeah, thats it. Please spread the word and help me hit the amazing goal of 150%!

Thank you


oh, here are the photos of what I’m giving away.





I can not believe that we hit funding target in under two weeks. I’m so chuffed I can’t explain.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged and given their support and shared. It means the world to me.

If you haven’t pledged yet and would like to, you absolutely can still. You’ll still get your name in the back of the book and there are plenty of brilliant rewards too.


I’ll include the link to my unbound page below along with my etsy page where you can buy original hand draw and painted illustrations.


Thank you everyone, you’re lovely and great.









Unbound Book Campaign


My Unbound book campaign is now live!

This is a big one for me and I’m super excited and nervous and hopeful.

Follow this link to see a video and details about what I hope will be my first published book, a compilation of Tragidoodles!

Along with the book I’m also offering personalised doodles, originals from the final book, weekly or monthly doodles in the post, social media avatars or even a mural!

Please think of this as ‘pre-purchasing’ rather than crowdfunding. If it hits target you will get a really well produced book and if it doesn’t you’ll get your money back.

On the page (link below) you’ll see a couple of the re drawn doodles for the book. In total I’ll be doing 101. About half and half new and old plus a more detailed centrefold that I think everyone is going to love.

I’ll let the pledge video and page do the rest of the talking. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email (bencameron@me.com)

Please look and share and spread the good word.


Thank you.


Benj x