Medway Open Studios 2015


It’s that time of year again where I throw open the doors of where I work and let everyone in to have a nose around.

Between Saturday 18th and Sunday 26th of July (opening hours below) anyone can pop along and have a look at my artwork. It’ll be hanging up all over the price and yes, you may buy all of it…

It’s really relaxed and not stuffy or awkward. So yeah, just cone along and hang out and keep me company and have a peruse innit x

I’m really really close to Rochester train station (about a 3 minute walk), and if you’re thinking of maybe coming in from farther away, there’s lots to do in Rochester so you can make a day of it. Castle, cathedral, shops and museums as well as all the other artists and venues taking part in the Open Studios x

Opening Hours:

Saturday 18th 10am – 5pm

Sunday 19th 10am – 5pm

Monday 20th 2pm – 6pm

Friday 24th 2pm – 6pm

Saturday 25th 10am – 5pm

Sunday 26th 10am – 5pm

If you can make it along within these hours but CAN make it another time during dates please let me know and we can sort it out.

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Here’s a link to the official mosaf website

Here are some photos from last years Open Studio. See you all soon!


20140711-102441-pm-80681101.jpg 20140711-102442-pm-80682060.jpg 20140711-102442-pm-80682392.jpg 20140711-102441-pm-80681412.jpg 20140711-102442-pm-80682729.jpg 20140711-102443-pm-80683308.jpg 20140711-102444-pm-80684825.jpg 20140711-102445-pm-80685575.jpg 20140711-102443-pm-80683613.jpg 20140711-102444-pm-80684481.jpg 20140711-102445-pm-80685283.jpg 20140711-102444-pm-80684094.jpg

Illustrations – new frames and prices

Click on images to enlarge

Ben is now offering his hand drawn illustrations in new Ikea frames and sizes. One of his best-selling illustrations, Family, has been used here to show you, but you can choose any work of his that you’d like (have a look around the website). Choose from three sizes and either a black or white frame. Also available unframed.

Ben can draw any family unit, so if you would like Family with bespoke details, or another of Ben’s drawings, please email with your request.

We will also be listing illustrations individually on Etsy.

The following prices include Postage to the UK. Email for international shipping costs.

(For work that is highly detailed and/or with hatchwork, prices will be higher, please email for an exact cost.)

A5                 Unframed: £30                        Framed: £45                 Frame size: 26.5 x 20.5 cm

A4                  Unframed: £50                        Framed: £70                 Frame size: 42.7 x 32.5 cm

A3                  Unframed: £80                         Framed: £105               Frame size: 53 x 42.5 cm

Bear with us!

Strange Paul is currently having a makeover, but is still very much open for business. Email or visit the Etsy shop just over here.

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